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Post box for your EDA

It is prudent to separate your political life from your personal life.  One way to do this is to rent a PO Box for EDA activities.  This also prevents potential future problems in the event you change your financial agent.  Closely adjacent EDAs might consider sharing this expense.


Neighbourhood Mail

Smartmail Marketing Guide

Unaddressed mail sent through Canada Post is now called Neighbourhood Mail.  Political entities qualify for discounted rates.  This can be done by you directly, or through one of Canada Post's 3rd party full service partners.

During the 2021 election, we received excellent service from:

Darren Rotzien
[email protected]


#14, 6320 - 11 Street S.E.
Calgary, Alberta  T2H 2L7

Tel. 403-287-8764
Fax. 403-287-8768


This DropBox link will get you the latest listings for every mail delivery route in Canada, sorted by federal riding.  Both CSV and XLS formats are provided.  Please note that there are two files for your riding.  One file is for mail delivery routes 100% inside your riding.  The second file is for delivery routes than spill over into adjacent ridings.  Elections Canada does not prohibit EDAs from targeting mail routes than straddle electoral boundaries. Download Zip File of Mail Routes in Canada

The rest of this help file was written by PPC HQ

1) Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail

If your campaign is looking to send mailouts to constituents using Canada Post, PPC HQ is happy to announce that we have secured discounts for Neighbourhood mailing in this election. 

For Candidates who want to do a mailing:

Call the Elections Service line at 1-866-511-3135 and ask for the route rank report for your riding. This will show you all the routes in your riding and the % of the route that falls within the riding. Many riding have routes that cross boundaries so you can decide what routes to mail. Make sure to identify yourself as a PPC Candidate!

Prepare their mail  – If your mailouts have not yet been printed you can find a Smartmail Expert Partner that will handle everything below at

  • Bundle in equal quantities of either 100 or 150 or 200.
  • Apply 2 elastics to each bundle one horizontally and one vertically each tight enough that a bundle can be dropped without spilling open.
  • Have more than enough boxes on hand to package your bundles. When placing your order through Express Order Entry (EOE) you will download all the labels that you can print and affix to the boxes. The system will tell you how many to put in each bundle.

Placing your order

  • Login to Canada Post’s Electronic Shipping Tools by using the EOE link from the Party website.
  • Video Tutorial (English)
  • You will need to know
  • How many per bundle
  • How many bundles per box maximum.
  • Your credit card information
  • Follow the EOE instructions provided and if you have difficulties call the EOE Helpdesk at 1-877-376-1212. If you feel you still need help please contact your Canada Post representative directly at [email protected] 

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