Webhook PPC Support

Webhook is a 3rd party internet reseller that provides customized PPC templates for quick website deployment.  It is a lower cost option to the phased-out legacy solution provided by NationBuilder.

Shortcomings with the Webhook hosting package include the lack of any email provision, and no built-in ability to communicate with supporters.  MailChimp is apparently used separately by some EDAs for supporter communications.  Also, sign-up and volunteer forms send their collected data to PPC HQ, which means EDAs must maintain local lists manually, using the periodic Excel database extracts which are sent from PPC HQ by email.



People's Party HQ is moving away from NationBuilder and has now de-linked automatic propagation of our membership's contact information to existing sub-nations.  This also means that no new sub-Nations will receive membership contact information.

While it is still possible to populate a sub-Nation using the CSV files provided by PPC HQ, this change severely reduces the usefulness of NationBuilder as an option for EDAs.  For legacy users, a NationBuilder help file is still provided in the following link.


Fully Featured Alternative Under Development

The West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country EDA is in the process of developing a more fully featured PPC generic website with the intent of sharing it widely.  This sharing will probably take the form of a freely distributable WordPress Theme, or a fully cloned website.  We might even provide a co-op hosting arrangement, costing about $50 year, or less depending upon the number of participants.

Customer Relationship Management features will likely be provided through separate EDA accounts set up at HubSpot, or MailChimp, that will be fully integrated into the WP Theme.  Other features will be Donations, Events Calendar, and Volunteer Forms that automatically sync with either HubSpot or MailChimp.

You can keep up for developments on this project by periodically clicking on the link, above.

Proposed EDA Website Structure         

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