EDA Support

EDA support on the West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country PPC Association website is provided on a number of topics.  You will find embedded links to many resource files.  This is offered to reduce EDA work loads and to eliminate duplicated efforts.

The materials in these sections are sometimes specific to our riding but have been made generic wherever possible.  For graphics files such as business cards, brochures, door-hangers, and rally signs, production ready high-res PDF's are provided.  In some cases native Adobe versions or editable PDFs are available to facilitate customized editing by other EDAs and candidates.

Please note that editable fields are provided for printed materials intended for distribution.  These should be populated with the entity that authorized and purchased the item.  The 4 options are:

  1. Authorized by the Chief Agent for the People's Party of Canada  (for PPC HQ use)

  2. Authorized by the Financial Agent for the <insert riding name> PPC Association (for EDA use)

  3. Authorized by the Official Agent for <insert candidate name>  (for Candidate use)

  4. Authorized by <leave field empty>  (for use by 3rd Parties outside of a Pre-Election, or Election Period)  

Elections Canada Handbook on 3rd Party Activities

"Election advertising is the transmission to the public during the election period of an advertising message that promotes or opposes a registered party or the election of a candidate."

"Only fixed-date general elections have a pre-election period", so the next pre-election period starts June 30, 2023

Here is the closest example provided:

"In anticipation of a by-election, the third party mails out flyers in a riding asking voters to support a candidate who will be running. The  by-election is called two days later, and the third party is unable to stop the distribution of the flyers. This is not election advertising and the expenses are not regulated"


If you can't find what you are looking for please check back later, as this help section will remain a work in progress until the next election is held.

An unlimited use license is hereby granted to all People's Party of Canada entities and to other Canadian patriots of good character.  No warranties are provided, either express or implied.

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